Meghan Lahti

For Port Moody Mayor

It has been my honour to serve our community over the past 20+ years. Like you, I am deeply passionate about our community and, in particular, the people.  I want people to be proud of and engaged in our city and I want a city that works together and one that is caring and inclusive.

Together we can work hard and be proud of the healthy, vibrant community that positive and collaborative relationships can bring.

Proudly endorsed by:

“As a candidate for Mayor of the City of Port Moody, I bring decades of experience as a community leader, volunteer and City Councillor. My experience and proven leadership brings collaborative good governance, and above all the heart and a love for Port Moody that is evident in all that I do.”

–  Meghan Lahti

What I stand for

Guiding Change Through Diversity and Respect

I know how to lead an effective team by cultivating an environment where differences of opinion are respected and do not cause friction or division, but rather the opportunity for inclusiveness and effective decision-making.

Bringing Civility Back to City Hall

The community deserves the type of experienced and positive leadership that I can provide. The mayor’s job is to establish an environment on council that is both inclusive and collaborative. I have a proven track record of good governance. Through my years of relationship building in the municipality as well as the region and beyond, I’ve gained the respect of my colleagues and city staff alike.

Embracing Meaningful Reconciliation

We live on unceded indigenous lands. If we are to move forward as a complete community, we must develop a culture that seeks to embrace this knowledge and understanding through an indigenous lens. This will be achieved through civic policies, education and relationship building. I am committed to making Port Moody the first municipality to implement this in a comprehensive and meaningful way.

A Vibrant Community Connected to Our Shared History

Moving our community forward must happen in a way that embraces and looks for ways to weave the history of these lands into the forefront. This will create new pathways to meaningful change.

Building a Vibrant Future Together

My vision is an inclusive community, where people can age-in-place, that is vibrant and welcoming to newcomers while respecting the needs and wishes of those who have already chosen Port Moody as their home.

Leading Our Community With Heart

I love this town! The community deserves better than what it has been getting and I intend to change that. We need to get away from the divisiveness that has prevailed in the past few years and as Mayor I will do that. Port Moody deserves it!

My Experience

Received the prestigious 2019 Clements Award in the category of 'Outstanding Politician'

Longest standing Port Moody City Councillor having served 6 terms with 4 Mayors

Represented Port Moody regionally on the Translink Board, GVRD Board, Metro Vancouver Board and the Translink Mayor's council

Took on the role of Mayor and all its legal responsibilities for the city in 2019 during the Mayor's absence

Responsible for the original creation and dedication of Bert Flinn Park in 1996

Track record of spearheading and leading environmental policies

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Voting times & locations

Advanced Voting

October 5th & October 8th from 8am to 8pm

Election Day

October 15th from 8am to 8pm

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